Day 115: Wounds to Unity (817-822)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, we give you praise and we call upon your Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit that is the Soul of the Church. Lord God, we are followers of Christ, your Son. We experience division. Not only do we experience division in our own hearts, and division in our relationships, but there are divisions among your believers. And you don’t want them. You don’t rejoice in those things. You don’t rejoice in those divisions. They grieve your heart. So we ask you, Lord, help bring us back together because it is not the action of human beings that will ever bring the Church back together. It will only be the work of Grace. It will only be your work that brings your Body back into One. That heals the divisions among all Chistians, it will only be your Grace and your miracle that can take your Body that has been so torn and tattered and battered and make it whole again. But we know that you can do this, Lord. Even in spite of our brokenness, in spite of our sin, we know that you can work that miracle. So we ask you, Lord God, this day, work that miracle. Overcome what divides us by what unites us. And make us One again for your Glory and so that the world may know that you have sent your Son, Jesus Christ. We make this prayer in His name. Amen”