Day 93: The Meaning of the Resurrection (651-658)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, we praise you and thank you. We give you glory today. We ask that you please receive our praise and thanks. Thank you so much for being love, for sending your Son to be one of us, to suffer and die for us for our forgiveness of sins, but also in rising from the dead and conquering death, to manifest the Resurrection. You love us so much that you continue to give us your Holy Spirit of forgiveness, your Holy Spirit of redemption, your Holy Spirit that unites us to you and allows us to call you Father. Let that Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead dwell in us. Help us to anticipate the glorified resurrected bodies that you desire us to experience for all eternity. And help us to say yes to you this day. Help us to say yes to your Passion. Help us to say yes to your Resurrection. Help us to participate in your suffering and cross. And help us to participate in your Glory and Resurrection. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen”