Day 13: The Single Deposit of Faith (96-100)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, Lord God, we thank you so much. We thank you for continuing to reach out to us. We thank you for continuing to speak to us. We thank you for continuing to call us closer to you. Lord God, you have not abandoned this age. You have not abandoned this generation. But you, in the power of your Holy Spirit, continue to pour out your goodness, your grace, your love, and your Truth upon every heart that seeks you. Lord God, you even pour out your grace and Truth and love upon hearts that don't seek you. God, help us. Help us to be hearts that are open to your love, that are open to your grace, that are open to your Truth, and help us to never forget what you've done in our lives. Seal, seal the knowledge of you and seal the knowledge of Truth in our hearts. Seal the graces that you've given to us deeply into our lives and help us always, always to pursue you because you will never stop at pursuing us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

Early Church Father Reflection

- compiled by Andrew Adamany

CCC 97 "Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture make up a single sacred deposit of the Word of God" in which, as in a mirror, the pilgrim Church contemplates God, the source of all her riches."

St. Iraneus (A.D 180)

"When therefore we have such proofs, it is not necessary to seek among others the truth which is easily obtained from the Church. For the Apostles like a rich man in a bank, deposited within her most copiously everything which pertains to the truth; and everyone whosoever wishes, draws from her the drink of life. For she is the entrance to life, while all the rest are thieves and robbers. That is why it is surely necessary to avoid them, while cherishing with the utmost diligence the things pertaining to the Church, and to lay hold of the tradition of truth. What then? If there should be a dispute over some kind of question, ought we not have recourse to the most ancient churches in which the apostles were familiar, and draw from them what is clear and certain in regard to that question? What if the apostles had not in fact left writings to us? Would it not be necessary to follow the order of tradition, which was handed down to those to whom they entrusted the Churches?"

(Against Heresies III 4.1)