Day 281: Keep Holy the Lord’s Day (2168-2176)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, we ask that you please fill our hearts with a love of you so that worship can flow from us and be directed toward your glory, can be directed towards interceding on behalf of this world. Lord God, give us a heart that longs to worship you. Give us hearts that desire above all that your name is glorified, that you are glorified. Lord God, for every part of our heart that is opposed to worship, every part of our heat that wants to fall in on ourselves, every part of our heart that wants to be small or selfish, we ask that you please convert that, transform it so that we can truly belong to you, that we can truly be yours. And that every piece of our worship, particularly our worship in the Sunday Mass is truly for you, for your glory, and for the salvation of this world. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen”