Day 247: The Weight of Sin (1854-1864)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, thank you. Thank you so much for bringing us here to this place. Thank you for bringing us to this day, Day 247 of just letting you teach us. Lord, as we hear about sin today, we ask that you please help us. Help us to be the kind of people who can be convicted by your truth, who can be convicted by our own guilt, who can be convicted by your love. Lord, help us all to be convicted by your mercy, so that as deeply as we are convicted of our need for you, we are also convicted of your love for us, your mercy that you pour out on our behalf. You won for us in the death and Resurrection of your Son, Jesus. Lord God, we ask please, please, may none of us ever ever give in to despair or discouragement when it comes to sin. Lord God, we struggle. So many of us struggle. Never, never let us give up. But always please help us to get up. Help us to call out to you. Lord, when we cannot on our own stand up, raise us up. We trust in you. We love you. Please meet our brothers and sisters in their deepest moment of discouragement. Meet every one of our brothers and sisters in their deepest moment of despair with your mercy, so that every sinner will know that sin does not define them. They are defined by you and your love. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen”