Day 142: The New Heaven and the New Earth (1042-1050)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, we thank you. We thank you and we praise your name. We call upon the name of your Son, Jesus, who is the Redeemer of the World. He is the Redeemer of Man. Of course, absolutely Lord God, we say yes to that. He is also the Redeemer of your Creation. Lord God, the Creation that you made good that we have broken, but you still continue to redeem, you still continue to use it and bring back to yourself, will one day be fully restored. We beg for that day in our lives and our time. We beg for that day to come soon. Because, Lord God, we find ourselves walking in the midst of pain. We find ourselves walking in the midst of mourning, and of grief, and of sorrows, and of loss, and of death. Lord God, until the Last Day when you restore all things, please meet us in those moments. Please meet us as we walk in the midst of our own grief, in sadness, and death. Meet us in the midst of those because we know that you are the God of the living. You are the God who can bring the dead back to life. You are the God who will wipe away every tear. And you are the God who meets us in our brokenness. You meet us in our broken hearts. And so until that day, continue to come to us. Continue to find us in our brokenness. And continue to redeem it. Continue to transform it. Bring us close to you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen”