Day 300: Science, Bodily Integrity, and the Dead (2292-2301)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, I give you praise and glory on this day. Thank you for every person who has pressed play and is listening to these words and is studying your teaching through the Church and through Scripture. We thank you. We thank you for continuing to guide us. Thank you for continuing to give us the strength to each day, even in the midst of our own struggles and our own weaknesses, to press play. We thank you and we ask you to please open our minds and open our hearts today that we can know, not just the limits of science, but also the guidance that you offer when it comes to any kind of technology, when it comes to any kind of research. Lord God, help us to place our skills, our intelligence, our even desire for health and healing at your service, at the service of our brothers and sisters, but always with that wise and gracious eye towards the dignity of the human person. Lord, on this day, we are also going to talk about respect for the dead. We also ask you to please bring to yourself, bring to your heart those who have died, those who are in Purgatory and those whose hearts who are being purified in this moment by your grace. Bring them close to you and help us to acknowledge the goodness of the body and the goodness of the person as we have respect for those who have died. We make all these prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen”