Day 65: Why the Word Became Flesh (456-463)

Prayer by Fr. Mike:  “Father in heaven, we love you. More powerfully than we could ever love you, you love us. More truly than we could ever choose you, you have chosen us. And more faithfully than we could ever be faithful to you, you’ve laid a claim on our lives. And you’ve promised yourself, you’ve covenanted yourself to us. That becoming one of us and even not abandoning us, by even taking our humanity with you into heaven, by taking our humanity into your Divinity, Lord God, you’ve united forever humanity and Divinity and you’ve even given us a share in your Divinity. So Father, I just can’t even begin to thank you. I cannot even begin to understand the depth of your love, the depth of your faithfulness. Help us grasp a little bit more clearly today so that we can love you even more truly, today and forever in Heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen”