Day 317: International Justice and Solidarity (2437-2442)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, we do praise you and we glorify you. We thank you. We thank you for where we find ourselves. We thank you for the leaders that you have given to us when it comes to our nations, when it comes to our countries. We thank you for them. We ask for your blessings upon them. Lord God, whether we appreciate them or do not appreciate them, whether we value them or do not value them, we thank you. And because it is your command that we pray for those who lead us, we now bring them before you. We bring their needs before you. We bring the responsibilities that are on their shoulders before you, and we ask that you please guide them in wisdom, guide them in courage. Lord, fill them, make them men and women of great justice and solidarity, of courage, and of compassion. And help us to be those same kind of people. Help us to be men and women of justice, and compassion, of courage, and of great solidarity. Help us to see in our neighbor, both our neighbor who is right next to us, and our neighbor who is far from us. Help us see you in our neighbor, particularly in the poor and the weak. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen”