Day 237: The Morality of the Passions (1762-1775)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, we give you thanks. Truly, truly, you have made us human beings with bodies and souls. Those bodies-we have desires in our hearts. We have desires in our bodies. We have desires in ourselves, in our psyche. Lord God, you have made us. You have given us so many of these desires. But also, so many of these desires have become distorted. So many of these desires have experienced the result of the Fall. We experience fear where we should not fear. We experience bravado where we should be humble. We experience greed where we have enough. We experience all of these emotions-anger-when we’re not justified in this. Or, Lord God, we know that sometimes our justified emotions, we act on in not good ways. We twist them. We feed those that shouldn’t be fed. And we don’t feed those that should be fed. Lord God, give us clarity today. In the midst of our passions, in the midst of this call to live a moral life and a good life, we ask that you please refine our emotions, refine our passions. Make those that should be strong, strong. And make those that should be said no to, give us the ability to have a will that is in charge of our passions. Give us the ability to have an intellect that knows when it’s the right thing to run and when it’s the right thing to stand and fight. Lord God, give us an intellect that knows when to act and when not to act. And give us strong passions, so that we can respond to life with power and with strength. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen”