Day 222: Matrimonial Consent (1625-1632)

Prayer by Fr. Mike: “Father in Heaven, you are good. You are God. You are the Lord of life, and you are the Lord of love. We continue to praise your name. We continue to thank you for this gift of Holy Matrimony. We thank you for the gift of faithfulness. We thank you for even the fact that when we are unfaithful, you remained faithful. Lord God, we thank you for mercy that comes to meet us in our weakness. We thank you for forgiveness that comes to us in our failures. And we thank you for never ceasing to call us to be more and more like you and for giving us the grace to be like you. We ask you to please help us to serve you, to love you, to honor you this day. And in whatever state in life we find ourselves, we give you our yes. And that yes is in Jesus’ name. Amen”